Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Belting Berlusconi - Roman rioters beat police and attack parliament!

Despite narrowly winning a 'vote of confidence' in Italy's Lower House of Parliament, Italians are showing what they really think about Berlus-"the Scumbag"-coni and the Italian Parliamentary system, throwing eggs, paint and stones at parliament buildings in Rome. Simultaneously, in the Sicilian regional capital, Palermo, 500 students occupied the main airport runway. In Turin, students occupied the railway station, while in Venice they held a demonstration on the famous Rialto Bridge.

The gleefully violent clashes In Rome have left 50 police officers and at least 40 protesters injured... so the rioters have, to date, been doing very well.  The pigs fired tear gas on the protesters, who responded with fireworks, smoke-flares, bottles, rocks, paint and eggs.
The marchers also set fire to cars, threw more stones and overturned bins.
Police have thrown a 'ring of steel' around parliament, while inside parliament itself politicians have taken to each other with fists.  Hopefully these politicians take to each other with more than just fists! Fuck the Italian state, fuck austerity measures, ACAB!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

He could be in the Olympics': stab-accused fugitive running wild... (extracted from The Age, Dec 10th)

A dreadlocked fugitive accused of stabbing a police officer north-east of Melbourne has evaded several police nets set up to capture him in the past two days.
James D'Zilva has been spotted at least four times on the outskirts of Healesville since he allegedly stabbed the officer eight times with a small-bladed knife in the town on Tuesday night.
The 32-year-old has surprised police with his pace and stamina, each time managing to run away from his pursuers and vanish.
Sergeant Wayne Williams, of Healesville Police, said between 80 and 100 police officers had been involved in the search at any one time and would be out in force again today.
"There's no doubt it's him," he said of the sightings of D'Zilva.
"If anyone approaches him he runs and I mean, he could be in the Olympics, because he can run. He's quick and he can do incredible distances.
"He's running around, half the time he's in bare feet.
"His clothing is changing slightly, his shirt colour may change, but it's always dishevelled and he's still got his long flowing black locks. It's very distinctive in appearance."

UPDATE, 13th December !!!...

James is still on the run.  Apparently he has awesome bush skills.  His only belongings, confiscated by the pigs, were 2 tarps.
"Police said today that a man fitting the description (of D'Zilva) broke into the Panton Hill general store, 45km NorthEast of the city, early this morning and stole chocolates.  Panton Hill general store owner Al McInnes said his wife heard someone break one of the store windows about midnight, but only a few chocolates were stolen. "A bloke was inside and scmpered when he saw us," Mr McInnes said." (from the Herald-Scum)  

Fun for Wikileaks!

G'day kangaroos.  If folks are, for educational purposes only, interested in the DDoS attack festival on behalf of defending wikileaks against the statist and corporate attacks, go here http://anonops.eu/  for the current target and, if you do not wish to download the LOIC, go here Cheerio, and happy mastercarding (neither gods nor mastercards)!
DDoS attacks are illegal, hence this information is, again, only for scholarly interest.  Cheerio!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Anarchists set off smoke bomb in Portland Metro Police Club!

From anarchistnews.org, 6 December...

In the predawn hours of December, 6th 2010, to mark the two year anniversary of the murder of Alexandros Grigoropoulos in Exarchia, a smoke bomb was ignited inside the Portland Metro Police Club (618 SE Alder st.)--a private bar, ballrooom, and athletic facility operated by the Portland Police Association. We did this to articulate our utter contempt towards the police, and our hatred of the state and capitalism in general.
This act of sabotage was a gesture of revolutionary solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists of the Conspiracy Cells of Fire in Greece, The Asheville 11, Christos Stratigopolous, the recently released Alfredo Bonanno and all those resisting state repression everywhere.
Fire to the cops, bosses, and politicians!
For anarchy and communism!
-some anarchists

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boys run riot in auction house

ABC November 7, 2010, 9:14 am

Police say a group of boys as young as 10 broke into an auction house in Darwin last night and caused more than $50,000 worth of damage.
Police say the boys tampered with several vehicles, including setting off a fire extinguisher inside a bus.
The 10-year-old has been taken home to his parents.
But police say the 12 and 13-year-olds are facing multiple charges including trespass and damaging property.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Facta Non Verba issue 1 out now

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Bustn ya grill adlay!!!!!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010


On the evening of 22 Oct a group of approximately 25 fascists attacked a Freedom Club event at the Melbourne Anarchist Resource Centre. They approached prepared to attack, armed with steel poles.

When they arrived at the door they attempted to force their way in but the occupants held the door. When the fascists began trying to smash the front windows, the anarchists reacted with decisive force, successfully repelling the fascists and defending their space with poles, fists and a hail of bottles. The fighting spread onto the street closing off 4 lanes of traffic and the 2 tram lines. Even the next morning the streets were still covered in broken glass from the hundreds of bottles that fell like rain on the fascist bastards. Facing this determined resistance they retreated, running and limping back to their holes nursing their bruises and much reduced egos.

The MARC has been frequently attacked by the fascists, including an incident where some members of Blood and Honour broke into the space and threatened some members of an anti-rape activist group, and there have been many fascist graffiti attacks to the building and surrounding streets.

All over Australia, politicians, and the mass media increasingly use racism to garner popular support from the middle class and workers lacking class consciousness. Fascist groups are becoming more active with the tacit approval of the bourgeoisie. They are running in elections as “Australia First Party” and “Australian Protectionist Party”, they are putting up propaganda like stickers and graffiti, gathering on the street posing as “concerned citizens” against immigration or against “sharia law”, and making violent attacks against anyone they perceive as “unaustralian”.

This same night was the anniversary of the death of a member of the Southern Cross Soldiers, an Australian fascist organisation. We believe it is no coincidence that there were several other reported fascist/racist attacks that night throughout the city.

This incident was not only an attack on one self organised social space, it was an attack on all revolutionaries and people who fight against authority and domination. With their attacks they attempt to terrorise the local neighbourhood and all those who fight fascism and racism, but on the contrary it only makes us more defiant.

We are anarchists, our thirst for a life with dignity is insatiable and we will not tolerate to be slaves and captives. If the fascists think that they can be publicly active and be allowed to continue to spread their hate, racism, and authoritarianism they are deluded. With solidarity as our weapon we fight for a world of equality, without states or borders and we will oppose the fascists and all enemies of freedom at every turn.


Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wildlife officers can't get shot of crocodile

October 28, 2010
Wildlife officers have tried to shoot a crocodile that keeps returning to Broome's Cable Beach after failing to scare it away or capture it.

The 2.5m croc has forced the closure of the popular tourist beach on and off over the past five days as it kept returning to an area near the surf club. On Thursday, West Australian Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) officers attempted to shoot the reptile but failed due to deteriorating sea conditions.
DEC officer Sharon Ferguson said attempts to harass the croc away using a DEC vessel had failed and attempts to catch it on Wednesday for relocation were also unsuccessful.
"Because it's such a high risk to public safety we need to remove the crocodile from the area," she said.
"It's not huge but certainly big enough to do some significant damage."
During any further attempts to shoot the croc, police officers would be on board to assess the risks, Ms Ferguson said.
"We need the conditions to be right so we don't wound the crocodile.
"We need it to be a clear shot."
Ms Ferguson said if the croc returned on Friday, DEC officers would again try to remove it.
She said it was not too unusual to have crocodiles pass by Cable Beach but it was very unusual to have one returning day after day.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Freedom Club beats the thugs!

On the 22nd of October the Freedom Club was attacked.  While we were reveling towards a world without work, bosses, cops, priests, heteronomy and laws against consensual sex with libidinally blessed black-metal goats, a fasces of youthful, white Ostrayan thugs tried to enter the Melbourne Anarchist Resource Center for a forceful dance of fists.  So what did we do?  We gleefully fought back of course, defending ourselves and our space with insurrectionary passion and courageous, carnivalesque gaiety!  Although we were outnumbered, we sent the thugs running with a flurry of bottles, black flags and flying Manchurian kicks to their heads.  Four lanes of traffic were stopped as the pavement became a starry night of shattered glass while a rainbow of flying bottles were exchanged between the thugs and the wild comrades of the Freedom Club.  The thugs resorted to racist chimes of “Fuck off Wogs” and suchlike, including a cry of “You fucking Pakis” that turned against them when the cops showed up: the pigs chatted with a High School security guard who had watched the battle, and he happened to be from Pakistan and was offended by the thug’s Ostrayan vernacular.  Thus the pigs sped off in search of the thugs who, being all white, and many having ripped off their tops during the battle, would have stood out like impotent semen stains against the fecund black night.  If the pigs found them I’m sure they would have berated their sons for having their “white pride” humiliated by “a bunch of wogs,” then given them a friendly lift home!
The thugs cracked the MARC front window, and three comrades were mildly injured.  But it was nothing that the joy of sovereign victory couldn’t heal with a hearty laugh and the autonomous self-empowerment gained by defending your turf on your own terms.
It is unknown whether the thugs were consciously politically right, or whether they were just very ordinary white Ostrayans for whom racism is often second nature. If they were not avowed right-wing youth and were just ordinary Ostrayans, the situation is indeed more sinister insofar as they so naturally gravitated towards racist cries and in this represent a swathe of the general population. We were also called “fucking hippies”, even though we do not at all look like ‘hippies’, which suggests that they may have had some idea that we were anarchists.  What the hell was a large gang of all white, all male youth doing in that area at that time of the night anyway?  Nonetheless, with a varied palette of ethnic backgrounds celebrated in the Freedom Club, we taught 'the Superior Race' of Ostrayan colon-isers a lesson in multiculturalism they won’t forget!  Long live left-wing kicks to right-wing heads sing the angry, joyful doves of the Freedom Club!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


10 Sep 2010
Around 9:45pm police responded to a complaint of about 100 youths causing a disturbance in Forrestfield, WA.
When police arrived most of the youths left the area but as a police car patrolled the street, bottles were thrown at the car, shattering the window and covering the officers with glass.
The officer driving the car received cuts to the face and very small glass fragments entered the officer’s ear cavity.


14 Sep 2010
Police are hunting four men responsible for a vandalism rampage through the centre of Parramatta this morning.
About 1.20am, the men used a hammer to smash the glass windows and doors of 19 businesses along Church Street.
In the space of only a couple of minutes, they caused more than $150,000 damage.
The group left the scene in a dark coloured car which had been parked on Church Street.
Police found a number of exhibits at the scene and these have been taken for forensic examination.
Detectives are currently at the scene and are following a number of lines of inquiry to identify the men involved and the car they used.


01 Oct 2010
Police are currently at the scene of an incident in western Sydney this morning where a number of fires have been set.
About 2.15am police and emergency services were called to Selems Parade at Revesby after reports that an ATM was on fire.
Upon arrival, the ATM, which was located at the front of a financial institute, was found to be well alight.
Fire Brigades Officers extinguished the fire. The building has suffered minor fire damage to an interior wall in the incident.
At about the same time at least eight garbage bins were also found alight in Selems Street. These were also extinguished with no injuries or further damage reported.